The Art of the Pantheon:

Learning from Visitors

A study of visitor experience at the Pantheon in Rome, sponsored by the Templeton Religion Trust.

The survey has concluded.
Please return here for updates about the research, or visit our project outcomes page.

About The Project

The Pantheon in Rome has stood as one of the world’s most impressive and influential buildings for nearly 2000 years. Centuries of visitors have rhapsodized in spiritual narratives about the building, but there has never been a substantial study of what visitors to the Pantheon make of the space.

This project intends to conduct such a study and relate its results to what architects and Catholic leadership have written about what the space means-— thus beginning a “trialogue” between visitors, architects, and Catholic leadership that will provide preliminary learnings and implications for future research.

In June of 2022, we published an online survey where anyone who has ever visited the Pantheon is encouraged to share their experience of this ancient and sacred space.

Front Columns of the Pantheon
Pantheon lit at night
Interior of Pantheon through front doors

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